The Village Apartments
10250-10270 West Mississippi Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado 80226

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance Questions

  1. Do you replace light bulbs?
    Yes, please call 303.985.0374
  2. Do you change A/C filters?
    Yes, if it is required by the particular unit. The office keeps additional filters in the office so that you may change them more frequently if you choose.
  3. When I use my hair dryer the electricity goes out. Can you repair?
    First please check breaker box to see if the switch has flipped. If flipping the switch does not solve the problem, please call the management office to schedule repair.
  4. Can I use drano in my bathtub when it gets clogged up?
    We don't recommend this, please call the management office for advice.
  5. My disposal has an odor. Can you replace it?
    Make sure that you are running cold water when in use. Also, make sure that it is free of food. **Housekeeping hint: drop in small pieces of ice with running water will keep the blades sharp and help reduce food odors.
  6. When I turned the heater on for the first time this season there was an odor. When the heater has not been used in a while it often has a slight odor.
    If the odor persists longer than an hour, contact your manager.
  7. Can we install our own light fixtures and fans?
    Please contact the manager.
Leasing Questions
  1. How many days ahead of time do I need to give notice if I intend to move out?
    Your lease contract requires a 30-day written notice of intent to vacate. Please call the leasing office if you have any questions about your lease.
  2. If I move out, but my roommate stays, do I get any of the deposit refunded?
    No, the deposit is on the apartment and it is not divided among roommates. When the apartment is vacated by all leasee's, the deposit may be refunded at that time. Make sure you leave a forwarding address and contact.
  3. Is there a lot of crime in this neighborhood?
    The Village can not guarantee personal safety. The area where The Village is located is in a very nice area. Management watches the property closely and Lakewood Police patrols the parking areas due to the size of the property.
  4. Are there membership dues associated with The Village?
    No, this is a free membership for all residents.
  5. Can I park under the covered spaces?
    Covered parking spaces are by reservation only, and currently costs $20.00 per month. Call your leasing office for additional information.
  6. Will my rent increase when my lease is up?
    There is the possibility of a rent increase. This is due to periodic market changes, we do try to keep our rents as competitive as possible within the surrounding area.
  7. Do I have to give notice in writing?
    Yes, you need to provide a minimum of a 30 day written notice. This is to protect your rights as a renter and make the transition as painless as possible.
  8. Do I have to write separate checks for my rent and utilities?
    One check for everything is preferred.
  9. Can someone sign for my packages?
    The Management office will sign for packages if someone is available when they are brought to the office.
  10. Do we need to contact utility companies?
    You need to contact Xcel Energy at 800-895-4999 to have the electric put in your name. Failure to do this prior to move-in will result in a fine per your lease.
  11. Will you give my key or entry to my apartment to a person if I okay it?
    Yes, you must provide written authorization to your management office. We provide key authorization forms in the office.
  12. When is rent due?
    Rent is due the 1st day of the month and considered late after 8 a.m. on the 3rd day of each month
Payment Questions
  1. If I transfer within the property, can I use the same deposit?
    No, the deposit is to cover any cleaning fees or damages on the original apartment.
  2. Can I pay my rent with a credit card?
    We are in the process of allowing credit card transactions for application fees, security deposits and possibly rents. There will be an additional charge for paying rent by credit card as the credit card companies charge a fee for every transaction.
  3. If I am on a "cash only" basis why must I pay with a cashier's check or money order?
    It is for your protection that we do not accept cash.
  4. May I pay the deposit and application fee on the same check?
    No, we require separate checks due to the application payment being deposited immediately. Upon application approval the deposit check will then be deposited.